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Affordable Distemper/Parvo Titers and Heartworm tests

 Every Spring we offer affordable titer test for  Distemper (CDV) and Parvovirus (CPV-2).  Also heartworm test for $20.  Appointments are available with pre-payment (non-refundable).  

Titer test is $20 pre-paid or $30 for walk-ins (while supplies last).


815-252-7484 or nalb09@yahoo.com

33 titers and 24 heartworm test were performed in 2019.

This is a community service to offer these products at cost to the public in an effort to encourage pet owners to titer their dogs and not over-vaccinate.  We hope to reduce over-vaccination. 

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Blood samples are mailed to CAVIDS - Titer Testing Lab, Univ. of WI. Please visit their website for details.  CAVIDS Titer Testing  We will forward test results to our clients within 2 weeks of clinic date.


Heartworm test results will be emailed or mailed within 24 hours of clinic date.